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New Jersey, USA
UX/UI Design

Project Overview

For this concept project I designed from scratch a ride-sharing app for convenient daily transportation by recreating and improving the ride-sharig experience

My Role

  • User research
  • Competitive analysis
  • UI design

The Challenge

Commuters find themselves struggling to find convenient transportation when they most need it.


Provide commuters with quick and convenient rides at the touch of a button by creating a digital platform that connects drivers and commuters to fulfill their transportation goals.

Design Process

1. The first step is to empathize, and understand the user's challenges and needs. For this particular project I tested several ride-sharing apps and service providers to see how this experience can be improved.

2. The next step, is to define the users needs and the problems that arise. Here is my process to properly articulate the problem.

Problem Articulation

Empathy Map

User Stories

Journey Map

3. The next step is to ideate. To begin to write down ideas on how to improve the user interface, and create a better user experience for riders. Here are some of my early wireframes as I began to think of how the user would navigate the app:


4. The 4th and every designer's favorite step is to design the UI.


5. The final step in the design process is to test the solutions from the new design, and decide if changes need to be made. In this case there were no tests done as the project is still ongoing, however there were some major changes to the design. Mainly the change in the main color from red to blue. After some research i decided that the color was a better fit for a transportation app.

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