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Infinity Print Press

Infinity Print Press
New Jersey, USA
UX/UI Design
Web Design

Project Overview

Website redesign for t-shirt and accessories printing shop. Redesigning the landing page is a big step foward to grow the brand and generate more sales.

My Role

  • User research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Web design & build

The Challenge

Infinity Print Press was in need of a new website in order to establish their online presence, and provide a better shopping experience for customers. Prior to the redesign, the website was unorganized, lacking proven-to-work design principles, and functionality. It was giving the brand a bad image and it was reflected on sales numbers.


The best solution here is to completely redesign the website, and createing custom design system based on the client's current ideas and logo design. The redesign also helps establish more trust, improve the brand's reputation and increase sales. Redesigning the landing page and creating a proper call to action (CTA) to generate more sales is the the priority.

Design Process

1. The first step is to empathize, and understand the user's challenges and needs. By acting as a user I navigated the current website and immediately found the pain points for customers.

2. The next step, is to define the users needs and the problems that arise. Here are a few examples of the client's needs:

  • Ability to easily find contact information
  • Ability to quickly place orders

3. Next, is time generate ideas to improve the user interface, and create a better user experience. Here are some of the key points of improvement I came up with before designing:

  • Create a design system that matches the brand's identity, and colors
  • Implement an 8pt. grid system to properly align elements and keep everything organized
  • Responsive design across all screen sizes, including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improve text and background contrast for better legibility and understanding

4. The next step is to design the new website, here is what I came up with in the first version:


5. The final step in the design process is to test the solutions from the new design, and decide if changes need to be made. In this case there were some major changes and improvements to be made. My customer wanted me to create a logo from the animation he originally had on his hero section of the home-page. For the new version I created the logo, a new design system and added some custom illustrations for the the hero section. After the designing was done, I took it over to Wix and began building.


The final design was a big improvement from the first version I created for my client. I focused on having a hierarchical order, using a horizontal and vertical grid system to improve legibility and order, and implemented a responsive design. Overall the website design came out great, a big improvement from the first design.

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