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Paolo's Kitchen

Paolo's Kitchen
New Jersey, USA
UX/UI Design
Web Design

Project Overview

Website redesign for Italian catering factory and restaurant. Redesigning the landing page has become a priority for the business as it will dramatically increase client leads and overall sales.

My Role

  • User research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Web design & build

The Challenge

Paolo's Kitchen was in need of a new website in order to establish their online presence, and provide a better shopping experience for customers. Prior to the redesign, the website had a major problem that their point of sale system was located on another website. The domain (paoloskitchen.com) was tied to one hosting service, but their menu, and online ordering system was using a different provider.


The main goal is to merge the website with the online ordering system, to make one unified experience for shoppers. The redesign also helps establish more trust, improve the brand's reputation and increase sales. Redesigning the landing page is important, but the main goal is having all services under one hosting provider.

Design Process

1. The first step is to empathize, and understand the user's challenges and needs. By acting as a user I navigated the current website and immediately found the pain points for customers. The number one problem is visiting the website, but having to order food online on a different website.

2. The next step, is to define the users needs and the problems that arise. Here are a few examples of the client's needs:

  • Convenient and fast ordering process
  • Ability to choose the location of the restaurant prior to ordering (there are two locations)
  • Easy way to contact the business

3. Next, is time generate ideas to improve the user interface, and create a better user experience. Here are some of the key points of improvement I came up with before designing:

  • Create a design system that matches the brand's identity, and colors
  • Implement an 8pt. grid system to properly align elements and keep everything organized
  • Responsive design across all screen sizes, including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improve text and background contrast for better legibility and understanding

4. The next step is to design the new website, here is what I came up with:


5. The final step in the design process is to test the solutions from the new design, and decide if changes need to be made. Once crucial addition to the website has been the ability for customers to choose the location they want to order from, prior to placing the order. This new feature has dramatically reduced the margin of error when ordering online. Prior to this feature, there were many instances where customers order food from the wrong location. It was a mess, but after testing out the new feature, it was an instant success.


The final design was a big improvement from the initial version. I focused on having a hierarchical order, using a horizontal and vertical grid system to improve legibility and order, implemented a responsive design, and fixed the problem when ordering online. I decided to choose Square as the website hosting service, since my client had already been using Square for its point of sale (POS) system. The results were very positive. There was no longer the need to navigate multiple websites to order food. I also cleaned up the database and deleted redundant menu items. Additionally the feature to choose a location prior to ordering was a huge success. My client no longer had to loose out on sales, or deal with unhappy customers do to this pre-existing problem. Overall, PK is well on it's way yo establishing a better online presence and expanding the brand's reputation.

Here is the final product:

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